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All other planets have rulership over two signs. When assessing a chart, we need to pay attention to the Mooltrikona sign that the planet in question rules. For example, for a Gemini ascendant, Saturn rules both the eight and the ninth house. Of course, other factors need to be supportive as well. For example, for Taurus ascendant individuals, Venus rules both the first and the sixth house, which are respectively an angle, a trine and a dusthana house.

The more principles we add on to estimating dignity, the better we understand that the manifestation of the planets energy in our lives is rather complex. We can consider the Avashtas in conjunction with dignity the sign that the planet is in. When a planet is in a high avashta, we integrate the lesson that it has to teach us more easily. More often this helps us be present in a challenging situation, and heightens our ability to act on our innate wisdom and intelligence.

There are five states: the infant, the adolescent, the adult, the old and the dead. On the positive side a planet in an infant, old or dead state can point to karmic lessons that are exhausting themselves in this life time, thus we receive less harm from them. Planets with lower dignity cannot give much harm, especially if they are in an infant, an old or a dead state. They can even thrive in case their kashta is low, and if they receive good support from their friends.

For example strong planets by dignity can hurt other planets agenda. Respectively they can give sometimes disruptive effects, especially if they happen to rule over difficult houses. The difference is in the way that we face the hardships and react to them. When planet in high dignity throws us a challenge, we might draw from our ingrained knowing and consciousness and as a result integrate the experience more readily, rather than letting it knock us down.

Ultimately, our experiences with a planet may vary for the different fields of life, depending on how it is placed through the Vargas. And here are some additional interesting thoughts from Vincent, another of our astrological apprentices:. When considering dignity, think of the roles that the planets provide to get an idea of what is being effected.

If we take a Philosopher Jupiter and lock him in a dungeon Capricorn will he thrive? Will it be easy to form expansive outlooks and beautiful ideas if Jupiter is hidden away from the world in a moldy cell? However, if Jupiter is placed on a high mountaintop or in a vast library Sagittarius free from constraints it will be more pleasant for the planet to operate. A debilitated Venus in the chart of a Cancer ascendant will signify difficulty forming interests or with learning skills 3rd house indications.

The ability to choose Venus is impaired and the native could make poor choices or yearn for experiences or abilities that are not meant for them. Planetary dignity is the crux of Astrology. Wholly dependent on rulership, it is often overlooked by many astrologers who may consider it archaic due to the introduction of modern planetary rulership or who even find it unpleasant to imagine a planet being inimical or debilitated. However it is quite plain to see how tremendous an impact the usage of dignity has on birth chart, it is a guiding force into the well being of a planet and speaks to its placement so effectively.

Through planetary dignity we learn the initial state of the forces of our consciousness. Categories: horoscope assessment , lajjitaadi avasthas , learn astrology , Tropical Vedic Astrology. Is there a root reason why we say Jupiter is exalted in Cancer? Or for that matter with the exaltation of other planets?

Please add my email to the new season course in Feb Thank you so so much. I dint want to use my personal chart so went with the same example. In my d1 chart saturn-rahu is in 10th in simha. And 5 simha is not marked in any bhav meaning sun does not own any bhav in my chart. It feels more like KP. So why do they put the rasi numbers in a chalit chart — Is there a purpose for putting 6 in 10th and 11th bhav? I asked the following: If in bhaav chart, Saturn moves from 9th house to 10th house for a Gemini ascendant, then: 1 During its MD, Saturn will give results only of 10th house and not 9th house.

To which you replied as follows: 1. How about transit activation? D1 and chalit are not different divisional charts…they are the same rasi chart. Say Kumbha lagna 4 degrees. Guru sits at 20 degree in Gemini. Where am I going wrong? Please correct, many thanks. Again that is where the problem is. VS, Yes I have been doing case studies mainly on people who I have known personally for decades. This is somewhat confusing. It seems that yogas, aspects, exaltation, debilitation, etc.

Bhaav chart only activates the significations of the Bhaav for a planet that move in there. Your thoughts please. Is my understanding correct. Does it make sense. I keep telling you the effects will be mixed and you keep searching for a quick cookie and one size fits all theory.

One has to do s of horoscopes and you will answer your own questions. Please let know. Thanks Vs. Sorry the delay in reverting to you on this. Any thoughts, regards, Narayan. I have Rahu at about 22 degree and retrograde Saturn at about 13 degree in Sign of Leo in Second house. Please let me know which has lowest degree and more say in this conjunction. Do I have to minus both degree from 30 to arrive at degrees since both rahu and Saturn are retrograde now. Also, what does this signify for me and how can I can improve this conjunction to my benefit.

Please comment. Saturn has a lower degree ofcourse at 13 as opposed to 22 of Rahu generally such a combination in 2nd house is not good for marriage or family life of the individual but the horoscope in totality has to be seen for a final conclusion. Thanks for the reply. Could you pls elaborate how to strengthen Sun. I have sun in Aries in 10 th house. Could you pls explain how the conjunction of mars and rahu affects them as on the one hand they are enemies but on the other rahu accepts the features of the planet it conjuncts. Happy new year to you as well! Thanks a lot for your reply.

Would it somehow rectify the Angarak combination or rather make it worse? But its only at 5 degree. For better understanding, how can one define the rising sign degree. The degree become the sensitive point of each bhaav considering the equal house system. VS, Pl.

How to judge Good dignity planet in placed Dusthana? Will it be good or bad? And good and bad for what — i. FM for any lagna can not be exalted in a good house. Can Dignity alter result of Functional nature of the planet? However strong and well placed planets will tend to give good generic effects and strong effects of the houses they rule.

Thanks VS! Or it will make the bad results more worse? Saturn in Aquarius 4 degree. Kindly tell me sir…. VS, is there a logic to FMs doing better in konas and not kendras?


Something about them being Lakshmi sthaana? Secondly, do they do better in Upachyas if not exalted, example Guru in the 3rd for Taurus than Konas? Hello VSji — I have been advised to wear emerald and ruby for my lagna and rashi lord mercury retrograde that is in 5th house Libra conjunct Sun at 1 degree. However, I am confused due to multiple thoughts and opinions including yours 3rd lord debilitated is good.

I recently suffered a career setback that has affected my health because of taking a a risky decision based astrological advice given by two astrologers. Do you think I should wear both emerald and ruby? If you are gemini ascendant, go for green emerald only and not Ruby. Sun will be a malefic functionally for the chart, no point in strengthening it. Mars treats Saturn as neutral whereas Saturn treats Mars as enemy as per permanent relationship. You should always analyze the rashi depositor. After all that is the planet holding the said planet. Thanks VS ji..

Astrologers keep talking about 5th Dhrishti and navam dhrishti being bad and good and so on. Is the Dhrishti of each planet predefined? Like saturn always has Dhrishti on 3rd, 5th 7th just examples?

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So can you show me the Dhrishti of each of the planets as to which house it aspects? Saturn aspects 3, 7 and 10th not 5th. All other planets aspect only at the 7th bhaav. Hello VS: Can a combust planet be strengthened by a gem? Example, Pisces lagna, Mercury in 7th combust. Venus is placed in 10th house. Is this combination is suitable to become lawyer or psychiatrist. Kindly advice. Thank you very much for the reply…. Will they be less malefic when in MK, or will their effects be stronger and depend on bhav? As always, much appreciate your wisdom. Thank you for the excellent presentation of the material.

I ended up making a job aid PDF from the material. Venus is in 3 degrees and Moon is in 7 degrees. I have a question that since Venus is in 3 degrees, do i need to stregthen Venus or is it OK?? I am kind of confused about how to ascertain relative strength of Rahu versus Saturn for considering phalit ownership of Aquarius.

It will be great if you shed some light on this example. Libra lagna, Rahu conjunction in 10th with Mars. Saturn in 12th conjunct with Jupiter and Venus. It is confusing for me as both are equally good in divisionals and Saturn is good in Shadbala. Only blemish is that it is in 12th in D1. Who do you think will dominate as owner of Aquarius? One is finishing work in 7th house another begining in 8th house. I got so many different opinions and I am very interested on your opinion.

Especially if jupiter is lagna lord also. Jupiter at 6 degrees will certainly be better than jupiter at 1 degree approaching its fall and also as it will be debilitated in navamsa as well at 1 degree. Hello sir, Stumbled on your website, while searching some answers for my own horoscope. Firstly, great work you have done over here, truly inspiring. My suggestion is for you to take things with baby steps.

Go thru the chapters one at a time and read simpler books and go from there. To be exact , Gemini Ascendant with Jupiter in 1st house is placed opposite to Sagittarus, which contains Saturn , and also since both are enemy to each other, so does it mean it may cause lot of hardship on native? Venus with 17 degree in leo in aries asc is strong? My venus dasha is going n my venus is in rahu and ketu axes it gives foreigner spouse? My sun is in cancer sign with moon withut any aspect of any other planet and my sun is 16 degree sun and moon both r 16 degree tell me sir i get foreigner spouse?

Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology. Skip to content. Not About Belief! If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. October 19, at pm. VS says:. October 20, at pm. Sujan- it will still be deeply exalted as it will be virgottam as well in navamsha. Sujan says:. October 24, at pm. Dhana Latchmi Mahesh says:. December 1, at am. December 3, at am. Ravi says:. December 14, at am. December 16, at pm. Sundar says:. December 17, at pm. December 19, at pm.

December 22, at pm. December 23, at pm. Siri says:.

December 30, at pm. Siri Shanivat Rahu is only applicable for the generic effects of Rahu for functional effects, it gives the results of planets that conjunct or aspect it secondly it gives the effects of the rashi lord of the rashi its placed in as well as the nakshatra lord that it is placed in. February 13, at am. February 14, at pm. February 16, at pm. No jupiter is in an enmical sign when in Libra Venus is in a neutral sign when in pisces. Julia says:. March 5, at am. March 5, at pm. No it doesnt however any planet that close will start to show mixed effects of both signs.

April 14, at pm. April 17, at pm. Uday says:. April 16, at am. Jay says:. May 7, at pm. May 8, at pm. May 11, at pm. SC says:. May 17, at pm. May 18, at pm. May 18, at am. Question on permanent relationships: Rahu and Ketu appear to have been classified differently in different sources. Here is message ii continuation from above: ii how Rahu and Ketu are treated for other planets. May 19, at am.

May 19, at pm. May 24, at pm. Sneha says:. July 1, at am. July 3, at pm. Karan says:. July 8, at pm. July 10, at pm. No destruction. July 11, at pm. August 16, at pm. July 12, at pm. Kush says:. July 18, at pm. Lagnesh mars in 10th house of 28degrees and 6minutes.. Will it give good results. July 19, at pm. Nothing in astrology is standalone. July 22, at pm. July 24, at pm.

Navit says:. August 2, at am. August 6, at am. Sumit says:. August 11, at am. August 14, at pm. Parul says:. August 15, at am. Venus is 17 degree dignity it is in leo sign 5 house …it indicates beautifulspouse? August 15, at pm. BR says:. August 16, at am. September 11, at pm. In aries asc venus is sitting in 5 house is venus is ascpecting 7 house also from 5 house? Su says:. September 13, at pm. Namaskar Shri Vivek Sir, First of all, i greatly applaud your painstaking work of simplifying the concepts of astrology for a beginner like me.

Please keep up with this excellent work. Best, Su. Bhavana says:. September 15, at pm. September 20, at pm. Sahithi says:. Aman says:. September 16, at pm.

Exaltation (Uchcha) and Debilitation (Neecha) of Planets

Robert says:. October 8, at pm. October 11, at am. Hi Robert Venus at the end of Pisces is deeply exalted peak at 27 degrees venus is mooltrikona only in Libra from 0 to 15 degrees and not in pisces or taurus. October 20, at am. Why moon is exalted in taurus whose lord is venus towhom moon is enemy? Ludo says:. January 23, at pm. Midhun says:. October 28, at pm. Sir what happens to Jupiter after 5 degree cancer? Is it still exalted? October 29, at am. Baskar says:. Will it be able to fulfil its promise in the chart?

Please let me know.. Thanks , Baskar. October 30, at pm. October 31, at pm. November 1, at am. Hi VS, I just found your website, it is very interesting thought. November 1, at pm. November 2, at am. Hi VS Thanks for your reply. November 2, at pm. November 26, at pm. November 27, at pm. November 27, at am. Suku says:. December 8, at am. December 8, at pm. Prasad says:. December 9, at pm. We all have to live as per the plan destiny has for us!

December 20, at am. Jaidev Sharma says:. Hello VS, Thanks for reply. Would you please reply on following? Regards, Jaidev Sharma. December 20, at pm. A says:. January 7, at pm. Read your bio — nice journey. I have similar beginnings.. Thanks much. Duraimurugan says:. January 10, at pm. January 11, at am.

Gururaj says:.

Exaltation (astrology)

January 11, at pm. SJ says:. January 24, at pm. Yogesh Panse says:. January 31, at pm. February 1, at am. February 20, at pm. February 21, at am. April 24, at pm. VS ji, A retrograde debilitated planet … Will it act like an exalted planet? A retrograde exalted planet …will it act like a debilitated planet? April 27, at pm. April 29, at am. April 29, at pm. April 30, at pm. May 1, at am. May 1, at pm. Rahul says:. May 10, at pm. Hi vivek sir Does losing planet transfer some of its shadbal strength to winning planet?

Abhishek says:. May 9, at pm. Guru says:. May 10, at am. Shyam says:. Hi Vs, For libra ascendant if venus placed in 8th house of taurus along with mercury and sun.. No venus will remain a benefic and will give wealth via inheritance. May 11, at am. VS, How would a Gajakesari yoga be for libra lagna which has Jupiter and moon together with rahu in 11th house of leo sign..

May 13, at pm. Tanu says:. May 16, at am. May 27, at pm. VS ji, Can an extremely strong planet according to Shadbala be considered equivalent to exaltation? Please let me know. Very nice explanation VS ji.. Now I understand it better. Thanks again! May 28, at am.

Exalted Planets In Birth Chart Calculator

May 28, at pm. AJ says:. May 30, at am. May 30, at pm. May 31, at am. Mrugesh says:. Hi VS, How do we explain the seeming contradiction that planets sitting in same bhav are temporary enemies? What is your view on this? Thank you, Mrugesh. Does nichbhanga of any planet mean planet is posited in its own sign? No it does not. Shiv says:. Hello VS, If in a chart of virgo Lagna…sun and ketu in 1st house of virgo and rahu in 7th house of pieces becomes vargottam in navamsa with rahu in 1st house of pieces lagna and sun and ketu in 7th house of virgo all in good dignity so would these 3planet give harmful results since ketu and rahu gaining strength in 7th house is bad for marraige and etc.

Hi vivek sir How does a planet behave after cancellation of debilitation. May 31, at pm. Nav says:. June 25, at am. June 26, at am. June 27, at pm. June 30, at am. VishU says:. Dear VS, Saturn is in 7th house of cancer. Regards, vishu. July 1, at pm. July 3, at am. Hello Pirajesh — unfortunately I do not do personal readings at this time.

Malu says:. July 4, at pm. Siva says:. July 11, at am. Srikant says:. Hello, For aries lagna if 4planets are placed in 6th house of virgo sun July 13, at am. July 15, at pm. Parag says:. July 14, at am. Hello Is it true that if some1 has exalted bhagyesh lord of 9th house of d1 chart in shastima chart one will have luck to achieve the desired goal of his life…. July 17, at pm. July 19, at am. July 27, at pm. July 28, at pm. Sanjeeb says:. August 4, at pm. August 5, at pm. Sundar Srinivasan says:. August 7, at pm.

August 8, at am. Abhi says:. Hello sir, I have a basic question regarding neech bhang raj yoga In a virgo ascendant , mercury 24 deg and venus 7 deg conjunct in lagna but venus is combust as sun 29 deg is sitting in 12th house Would the combustion of venus nullify this yoga, what result venus will give in this position. August 19, at pm. Vishal says:.

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November 22, at pm. Mitesh says:. December 2, at pm. Dear sir , In Cancer Ascendant , if mars is placed in 7th house with 29 degree , will it give results of 7th house or 8th house? Mks says:.

Dignities of Planets

December 3, at pm. December 5, at am. Vidya says:. December 5, at pm. December 6, at pm. December 7, at pm. December 9, at am. December 13, at pm. December 14, at pm. Narayan says:. December 18, at am.

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