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It will be better to focus on vacation plans or spend time with a romantic partner so you can relax without risking your savings.

New friends and group activities in January can be just what you need to encourage you to take your health and well-being more seriously. You might be offered an opportunity to improve your circumstances in February. Whatever steps you take to upgrade your lifestyle will have long-lasting benefits.

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You might meet up with someone with a chip perched on his or her shoulder that gets in the way of trust. Look for new apps to handle financial obligations. There may be an opportunity to make beneficial changes in your business plan.

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Your original methods can turn a regular deal into a win-win situation for everyone. A partner could adopt a casual or overly optimistic attitude toward money-making activities that you can rein in.


You are never too old to wish upon a shooting star or to sit and listen to the birds sing their songs. Focus on serenity and ageless beauty. LEO July Aug.

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  • Early in childhood, this person will find precious objects while just playing games. Into this child's hands will apparently fly flintheads from the back garden dropped thousands of years ago by an early British hunter. It is she or he who picks out the Roman figurine from the builders' rubble. Others may search but October 9 puts his hand in the right place without thinking.

    December 21st Birthday Horoscope

    As treasure seekers, diviners, explorers, archaeologists and anybody to do with the ancient world or mining engineering, they are therefore invaluable. And may make a fortune. Both sexes are helpful if you want to know the right place to build your house, or the right house to buy. If there are bad or good vibrations, October 9 can tell you, which is useful because when there are particularly bad feelings about a place most birthdates will eventually pick them up.


    And you don't want to have gone to enormous expense and then find yourself haunted. The psychic talents which belong to this individual don't extend very much beyond place. They aren't interested in auras or other's well-being in the curative sense, although people born on this date are sensitive and kind. In any career they are usually quite successful because of their highly developed personal warning system. But both sexes are really more taken by their own outside interests.

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    A passion for walking is common. And for history and architecture. As lovers you can't beat them. Ms Psychic knows exactly where her partner needs tickling and kissing and she will go to any lengths to make sex as glamorous, perfumed and exotic as possible.

    Check her underwear, almost never pristine white, but shades of violet, blue and pearl grey silk. The men like to make love to music and usually feed an overexcited partner with a spectacularly arousing dish before spectacularly arousing them in other ways.

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