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Saturn continues his transit over Sagittarius, 5th house entire year. There will be a promotion or betterment in your career at the same time you will have much work pressure. Your ideas, your working style and your patience will help you in your career in the future. People in the creative field we have accident time from November this year in the first half they may get success after hard work but in the second of their talent and their work will be recognised.

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After March all these issues will be sorted out and you will lead a happy family life. Saturn transit over 5th house make you mine on health issues to your children and they may also become a bit lazy in studies.

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Long-standing pending works will be done with their help. You will see better returns from your Investments and you will also clear your debts and loans in this year.

If you are planning to purchase a house or property it is better to wait until November as the transit of Jupiter over 4th house may not give the desired result. Transit of Saturn and Ketu in 5th house main give some laziness, as a result, your returns on Investments may reduce. After March they may face much mental stress and lack of interest in studies but from March onwards, they will see better growth in their studies and increased interest in studies.

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