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According to the detailed Chinese zodiac prediction, you will have a pretty good fortune in learning and examination, and have a great interest in learning new skills. We were the greatest of friends and he will always speak if he sees me but won't take phone calls and promises to call and doesn't turn up.

Zodiac Sign Virgo Meanings

This has made me very sad. I suspect that a friend of mine is behind this. Is this friendship over or should I just wait. Well, according to this situation, you are suggested to wait if you still cherish him. Maybe you can find some other ways to find him. May I know my future the last four months of ? I was born in April May I know my future the last three months of Can I get the new job? Hi, Christine, you are born with Chinese zodiac Snake sign.

Based on the prediction, the situation won't be that good. Thus you are suggested to find more chances in the early During this period of time, you can learn more things to improve personal abilities.

Tailor My Trip. Though many think of pink as a child-like color, you know that it's a strong, bold, and perfectly-grown-up in its own right. Like you, pink holds its own in a space. Some may call you stubborn, but we know that you just have a strong point of view.

Virgo Lucky Stone

Sunny yellows perfectly suit such a social butterfly! You're the homebody of the star signs, a sensitive soul that's loyal almost to a fault.

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Light blue has a nurturing vibe that helps you recharge, without ever feeling like an overwhelming choice. It's also a hue that inspires your strong creative streak.

How Life will Change for Virgo Till 2019 - Lucky Sign

You spice up everyone's life, inspiring others with your statement-making style and star presence. Purple, the color of royalty, suits you just fine. You're the type of person who can actually see the difference between twenty shades of cream.

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Meticulous and intelligent, you also have a practical side that makes a neutral choice a wise one indeed. You've been described as "tough, but fair. You're a passionate person who goes whole-heartedly into everything you do. Red suits this aspect of your personality, but also represents your ability to commit to a choice.

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Your "gut feeling" is usually right. You're the philosopher of your group of friends, known for your well-thought words of wisdom. Reserved, patient, and hard-working, you believe that good things come to those who wait. This neutral hue is the perfect, timeless choice for you. Friendly yet fiercely independent, your tastes trend towards the eclectic and unusual.

What Power Color to Flaunt if you are a Virgo!

A true original, you see the virtues of the things others shy away from. Like orange! This citrus-y hue is just as unique as you are. Imaginative, sensitive, and very compassionate, you're a true water sign.

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