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On the other hand it can help the many who have scientific leanings to combine these with the Aquarian yearning for the universal recognition of the brotherhood of man, and to embark on scientific research to fulfill their philanthropic ideals of benefiting mankind. When some cause or work of this nature inspires them, they are capable of such devotion to it that they may drive themselves to the point of exhaustion and even risk injuring their health.

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Both types need to retire from the world at times and to become temporary loners. They appreciate opportunities for meditation or, if they are religious, of retreats.

Planetary Row

Even in company they are fiercely independent, refusing to follow the crowd. They dislike interference by others, however helpfully intended, and will accept it only on their own terms. Normally they have good taste in drama, music and art, and are also gifted in the arts, especially drama. In spite of the often intensely magnetic, forthcoming and open personality of the more extrovert kind of Aquarian, and of their desire to help humanity, neither type makes friends easily.

Pisces Personality: February 19 - March 20

They sometimes appear to condescend to others and take too little trouble to cultivate the acquaintance of people who do not particularly appeal to them. They do not give themselves easily - perhaps their judgment of human nature is too good for that - and are sometimes accounted cold. But once they decide that someone is worthy of their friendship or love, they can exert an almost hypnotic and irresistible mental attraction on them and will themselves become tenacious friends or lovers, ready to sacrifice everything for their partners and be faithful to them for life.

However, they are sometimes disappointed emotionally because their own high personal ideals cause them to demand more of others than is reasonable.


And if they are deceived their anger is terrible. If disillusioned, they do not forgive. Aquarians work best in group projects, provided that they are recognized as having a leading part in them.

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They have a feeling of unity with nature and a desire for knowledge and truth that makes them admirable scientists, especially astronomers and natural historians. They may excel in photography, radiography, electronics - anything connected with the electrical and radio industries - aviation and everything technical. On the arts and humanities side their progressive tendencies can be expressed in writing, especially poetry, and broadcasting, or as welfare workers and teachers.

Some have gifts as entertainers and make good character actors having an ability to mimic and musicians.

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The more psychic among them possess healing gifts, especially in curing the mentally sick. Among the faults to which they are liable are fanatical eccentricity, wayward egotism, excessive detachment and an inclination to retreat from life and society, and a tendency to be extremely dogmatic in their opinions.

Personality and character

Aquarians can be a threat to all they survey or a great boon for humanity in general. Circumstances - for example, continuous opposition to a cause they hold dear - may cause the atrophy of the openness of mind that is one of the Aquarian's most attractive traits. They may express a lack of integrity in broken promises, secretiveness or cunning.

Horoscope is a map of the sky above a certain location at a given moment, and it is a chart representing the position of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and relationships at the time of an event, such as the moment of birth of a person. So, using the same logic, there are no two similar persons even if they are born on the same day, for example.

But, of course, certain characteristics are same or identical. It consists of Zodiac signs, planets including Sun and Moon and houses, as well as aspects; their mutual relations and the angles under which the planets are located. So using horoscope, we are becoming the observers of the time. It is used as a method of propagating events that relate to the moment it represents — this is the reason why the horoscope for global events or personal destiny.

But like every human being, it has its uniqueness and traits. Some astrologers say that those who celebrate their birthdays on the February 19 have some characters from the Aquarius side intellect and uniqueness, for example , and they also have a problem to separate thoughts from dreaming thanks to the influence of the Pisces , as these two things will overlap, will be more intuitive than other members of this sign.

Also since they are under the government of the Pisces, they can visualise your dreams and intuition to see more clearly some things and set the right goals. People born on February 19th are very determined and brave, and they are individuals who even in early age can manage to overcome their emotional sensitivity.

They are aware that they are emotional, but they will never let that this characteristic stops them from being successful in any aspect of their lives. These are solid and developed individuals who are ready to deal with everyday stress efficiently — this is a fantastic trait that gives them incredible ability even if they are people who are sensitive and they are no doubt about it.

Everything you need to know about Aquarians

And, surprisingly, people of the February 19 are practical, but they are attracted to everything that is unusual and mystical; and they successfully combine these two things. They are very imaginative, and they love travelling and gaining new experiences, this is something that able them to grow in every aspect. Emotionally, these people love adventures and emotional relationships they have many close friendships , but they will rather be lonely than to embark on a non-romantic relationship.

They have great ambitions and set themselves high goals that are in practice most often unattainable, but no one will stop them from dreaming and wanting more. They want to lead a job on their own so that they could express their individuality, but they also work well in the team of successful people who will support their engagement. People born on this day will generally resist any attempt to have a diet or exercise regime imposed on them, preferring to go their own way. But they do need to understand that for their body to keep up with their free-spirited lifestyle it needs to be taken care of properly.

It is particularly important for them to eat a healthy diet rich in energy-boosting nutrients and to make sure they stay hydrated with six to eight glasses of water a day, avoiding too much coffee to keep them alert. They should also make sure they get plenty of exercise so they remain fit for their high-octane lifestyle, but they do need to watch out for injuries to their legs, feet and ankles.

As for everyone, regular rest and relaxation are important; if they have trouble sleeping, unwinding with a glass of chamomile herbal tea before bedtime may help. These people may be drawn to social work or the caring professions but they also make outstanding environmental campaigners and gifted artists and performers. Other careers that might appeal include sales, promotion, design, acting, dancing, singing, and comedy as well as science, astronomy, philosophy and exploration. The life path of people born on this day is to learn to take into account the needs and feelings of others in their quest for fulfillment.

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Once they have learned to develop greater empathy toward others, their destiny is to test the limits with their original thoughts and boundless energy and by so doing move themselves and everyone else one step forward. February 19 Zodiac: Aquarius February 19 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of wonderlust Your greatest challenge is: to finish what you started The way forward is: to understand that your ability to share the load and finish what you started determines whether you will be labeled a leader or a loser.

February 19 Love Horoscope: July 24 to August 23 You share a passion for adventure and experimentation and this can create a bond with explosive potential.