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The name hasn't caught on here in the states. Instead, you've probably heard pretty variations, including Sunny, Niv, and Niva. Interestingly, Orion had a small blip of popularity in the late s before disappearing from the list altogether. It was only recently, in the '90s, that this name came back in vogue again, peaking at on the most popular names list. How stylish! Ayla , a girl's name derived from the Hebrew Eilah , is a beautiful choice for parents who want something far from conventional. In Turkish, the name means "moon glow. Here is a name certainly meant for the stars!

Cosmo , or "order" and "beauty" in Greek, is a name straight from outer space. Though it's never made the top baby name list here in the US, it has traditionally been popular in Italy.

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Molto Bene! Mark our words, this will be the name of a Disney princess one day. Elara , one of the moons of Jupiter, would make a truly distinctive baby name. It is even unique in its native France, where it's the feminine alternative of the boy's name Alar. So sophisticated! We think this name will really take flight! Named after the mythical bird, Phoenix is a minor constellation in the southern sky.

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The origin of the name is Greek and, just like the bird, this name is on the rise. In , Phoenix became the th most popular baby name in the United States. It would also make a great name for a baby born during a full moon. A good option if you have a baby boy on the way in August! Leo , much like the astrological sign of the same name, is Latin for lion. It is incredibly popular the world over, and it graces the top baby name lists in Switzerland, Sweden, England, Canada, Germany, Norway, and Scotland. Choose this name before we get to September!

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Atlas was the Greek god of travel and astronomy. You probably know him as a figure literally carrying the world on his shoulders. Nevertheless, until recently these names would have seemed too strange to even consider. But parents are becoming more experimental and perhaps some adventurous folks will consider them. I deliberately omitted some planets in the solar system.

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Apparently almost every planet is acknowledged as a name, usually a male name, by some online source. Including every planet in this list seemed unnecessary. Uranus seems especially awkward. Would Celeste work on a boy? Some of these, like Tara have been around seemingly forever.

Others are stylish revival choices like Stella. And others seem undiscovered and would make great modern choices like Altair and Astra. Photo credit. I think boys names from stars etc do tend to be slightly more daring — two I know of on real people are Tariq, which refers to the Morning Star Venus and Nash a star in the constellation of Sagittarius. I like Phoenix and Orion also both constellations.

Definitely a name on the upswing. That would have been a good boy suggestion.

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I just recently found out Danica meant morning star too. I always just thought Danica was a feminine form of Dan or Daniel. Luno is also a masculine form of Luna that I like a lot. Icarus flew too close to the sun, I always associate him with the sun. So if u can imagine, she is so sweet, can anyone give me some ideas? I also love the name Io.

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This is mainly because at some point my son would ask me where his name came from and I would probably just say that he was named after a moon of Jupiter. The problem is, with the internet as a resource, he would probably do additional digging and find out that he was basically given a girl name.

I think that you missed out on a more reasonable boy name, Caelum which is a Constellation of stars in south.

I think I just fell in love …. Is it just me or a Ancient Greek names very hip? Io is incredibly cool and is going right now on my middle names list, give it time and it could make it to the first name list! I hardly ever ever ever ever discover a new name love so this is an exciting moment, thank you Angela! I like Ancient Greek names, and I agree they can be very hip. It seemed too abrupt at first. But eventually, Io grew on me. Some to me very reasonable boy names on my list include: caelum: a constellation in the south corvus : another constellation in the south Draco : constellation in the far northern sky Indus: constellation in the southern sky Lupus: constellation in the deep southern sky Orion: constellation on the celestial equator Volans: constellation in the southern sky scorpius: a constellation of the zodiac solis: Latin sun, sunshine eous: Latin morningstar altair : Greek the brightest star in aquila Sirius: brightest star seen from earth and of course: leo: constellation of the zodiac.

I also really like April paired with Twila, one of our astrological names. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My name is Angela Dawn.

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Our Maine Coon cat is named Pepper Anne born circa Upswing Baby Names Baby names ahead of the fashion curve. The boys and unisex options seemed lacking. Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google. Comments waltzingmorethanmatilda says:. June 6, at pm. I have a great weakness for astronomical names, Phoebe and Stella are two of my favourites. Angela says:. June 7, at am.

Dearest says:. June 10, at am. June 10, at pm.