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The Basics

Analysis is carried out fully automatically , without human assistance. Of course, it does not reflect the complexity of the relationships between people totally and if you want to know more — please contact me for more astrological advice. Generally the compatibility depend on the mutual position of the Suns of partners. The best case is when angular distance between the Suns of partners is near degrees, also good compatibility occur when they placed in the signs of the same element eg, Taurus and Virgo — characterized by earth element, and these zodiac signs have good compatibility.

It is also good case, when the distance between the Suns is near to 60 degrees for example, it happens for Scorpio and Capricorn, or for Taurus and Cancer.

12 Zodiac Signs – Star Sign Dates, Facts and Compatibility

The closer the angle to or 60 — the better compatibility and deeper relations. Better accuracy of the aspect inflict more closely relations and more intensive energy cooperation between partners. Aspects of the and 90 — give some tensions eg between Gemini and Sagittarius , between Libra and Cancer — 90 , contradictions may arise between the partners.

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Close connection, when distance is near 0 degrees, — not bad, just little bit one-sided. But in the case of stressfull aspects, a bounding between partners occures anyway, and anyway it create possibility to interact deeply. They're ruled by the sun which is centre of the universe and similarly they consider themselves the centre of attention and indispensable. But they are also fearless lions - the symbol for a Leo - so they'll always have your back with their strength.

They consider themselves king or queen of the jungle, strong born leaders and extremely dominant, but they are also determined and their generosity and humour will always ensure they have plenty of friends. Sagittarius - This is a fire element star sign with an upbeat and positive life outlook that will coincide with that of a Leo.

They keep each other reassured and confident and while a Leo loves to be the focus, a Sagittarius is more than happy to shower with compliments and love. Because of this, a Sagittarius is by far the best match. Aries - Both are passionate fire signs meaning they're sure to have sizzling relationships.

There may be some jealousy, but their loyal natures will resolve things and they're both willing to have a good fight and make up quickly. Scorpios - Leos want to be centre of attention and like to dominate, but a Scorpio likes to take control and is always trying to grasp more power. It will be a constant struggle. Taurus - Leo relationships might be exhausting as they are both a little lazy and like to receive love more than give it.

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