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Originally posted by nitratediva. These two can be butter and cream. The pull these two have on one another can be otherworldly. These two are honestly very close and the hard times can be Very hard and merciless. This is another common relationship aspect! Originally posted by cekmeyencekmece. This is a heavy union.

Saturn can be serious about the moon persons feelings and often seeks to react and manage them in a mature and genuine way. Loyalty runs deep and these two will likely remain together for quite sometime. Originally posted by babycayzzle. This is one of the most karmic and intense placements any two people can share. Saturn is naturally drawn to building and serving the moon person.

The moon person is often easy going and sweet but can have quite the intense possessive streak along with a strongly held obsession with Saturn. Saturn takes on the more aggressive role here sexually, while the moon plays the role of the seducer. Originally posted by amela These two are like lava and ice. Uranus and moon tend to produce a lot of sexy, passionate moments but things can come and go.

Sun enters Scorpio

Originally posted by piloenstuff. This one is a biggie in composites and synastry for marriage as often times contrary to popular belief it invites a more realistic and authentic showing of two people into a relationship. Uranus teaches moon to fly without wings and moon teaches Uranus to walk on wet carpet without flinching. Originally posted by vanish. These two are very connected. Uranus is normally the dominate force and can often be intense, radiant and even perplexed and vexed by moon.

Moon is often subtle, unnerved and rather observant of the Uranus person. Originally posted by tatulee. This aspect can feel continuous and reflective. Uranus adores the moons sensitivity but is afraid of it, the moon person feels this and instinctively pulls their emotions away and this ends up causing the Uranus person inward distress. Originally posted by anatmyx.

Neptune is a sucker for the moon person but to an extent. Originally posted by inefable-melifluo. This is one of the hardest aspects in synastry to have and even more so in the composite which we will cover another day. Originally posted by codenamevillanelleve. Neptune is happy and content with the physical and emotional connection they have with the moon person, often feeling a telepathic bond.

The trine is more sexually oriented as the two feel a need to express their intimacy but the sextile is more emotional based but both rely heavily on the connection the two share. Originally posted by marriamo. Neptune can over indulge the moon person whilst the moon person can be to overwhelming for the Neptune person. Originally posted by danaskulls.

This aspect can be a living hell for non plutonian types and even harder for fixed types. Pluto often is drawn to the moon person but they withhold much of their own intensity as to not scare off the moon, ironically the roles are reversed here. In reality the desire, the passion and the lust has the moon person mentally a wreck, running threw billions of scenarios on how to get that word in, that touch, that intimacy from Pluto. These two are likely playing the hot and cold game as to not allude to one another their real feelings but the funny thing about this particular aspect in synastry is that once these two have sex.

A very intimidating couple. Originally posted by lanadelreyaesthetics. This can be a dangerous aspect to have in synastry especially if these two happen to have a high concentration of Pluto on their own. This aspect can often appear in cases where two powerful people both emotionally and spiritually come together. The moon person is often tense, but erotically drawn to Pluto. Pluto is often driven to have the moon person, but in many ways this can be done through manipulation or violence depending on the nature of the Pluto person.

Pluto often experiences a see-saw effect with their feelings making it very hard for them to tame the intensity of their feelings when dealing with the moon person. That being said these two are close, intense and deeply sown together by needle and thread. Moon is often good at playing the victim or the distraught to lure in Pluto, while Pluto is constantly feeding their demons.

These aspect will transform both people in a very drastic way and in many cases these two might never ever be able to part. Originally posted by holden-norgorov. The intimacy can be instantaneous with this aspect and is part of the reason for the plethora of fast bonding that takes place in relationships in this generation with the Pluto in Sagittarius generation.

The Pluto person is deeply protective of the moon person often going out of their way to create safe spaces for the moon person or taking on the Moons persons more wounded self in stride and maturely. There is a powerful emotional resilience as a couple that this aspect brings that softens quite a bit of the more harsher aspects that may rear their head in syanstry. A very strong marriage indicator.

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Originally posted by mizworldofrandom. This aspect is deceptively steady. This aspect is slow building and often involves two very serious people, with two very deep desires of intimacy. The Pluto person is very tolerant of the moon person, they see threw the moon and can often gauge the emotional state of their lover easily without words.

The moon person is Very close to the Pluto person, usually very affectionate and even more responsive with Pluto then they are with most people. Originally posted by iwritemyheart This aspect can often create a darker expression of intimacy between two people, that can seem like a shadow chasing a light.

The Moon person is often the moth to the flame, drawn to the Lilith person like some drunkard. They desire the Lilith person but also fear them in a almost panicked and instinctual way. The Lilith person is powerful and emotionally intense, at times to much for the more sensitive moon person. The moon is often caring and deep with the Lilith person, developing an almost dark obsession and raw lust for Lilith.

The moon person sees Lilith as some dark force, some emotional well of passion and fury and one they want to dive into.

ILLUME ASTROLOGY: Synastry: Pluto Conjunct Square or Opposite Your Partners Planets

The Lilith feels this desire and reflects it in the way they exude their presence, they play a game of seducing the moon person. They want the moon but are often to prideful to let this show. Originally posted by ejdorable. Their is a sense of urgency with this aspect, as if the two people need to have one another. The Moon person is often the one captivated by the Lilith person and Lilith is more readily obsessed by the moon person. These two can have some volatile feelings and to those that know them they may feel as though the other person brings out something uncharacterized in their personality.

Nothing is ever as it seems with this aspect and these two are constantly investigating the deeper emotional layers of one another further deepening the chaotic game they play with one another.

Moon Opposition Pluto love Synastry ~ Intense Emotions

Originally posted by loversphilosophy. This is a couple that can have an Off and On quality to their attraction. The Lilith person is passionate for the Moon person but places defenses due to the rather wishy washy nature of the moon person. The moon person is far more vulnerable of being left in shambles and the Lilith person is very likely to be deeply wounded on a profound level if the connection fails.

A very taboo aspect to this. Originally posted by series-champions. They can often feel naturally close to the Moon person and see them as a future prospect often adoring the means of which the juno person shows their more softer and intimate nature. The Moon person is fascinated by Juno and often finds themselves wanting to care for and protect Juno.

Originally posted by derancodey. This is a very intimate! The moon person rarely thinks of themselves here and tends to put Juno first mainly because they care so deeply and in such a sensitive way. The Juno person is very open, bubbly and affectionate with the moon person, often flying about like a small butterfly. The moon person makes the Juno person so secure and safe that they often feel as though they can express their beauty and body in a way that feels natural and free of judgment.

These two are very physically friendly with one another and quite a bit of sensuality and touching are normally involved. They seem to lack the ability to keep their hands off one another, though this is not the case when they first meet as upon their first encounters it can seem like they both shy away from any outright intimacy. The best way to do that is simply talk to them. There is no one awesome chart. Now, I do have some charts of men whom I would never, ever recommend to any woman I know based on their chart alone, but that is a rare thing.

Every chart is a culmination of things. They are holistic and interpersonal compatibility and maturity always shows how a certain aspect in one chart will manifest in a relationship. You may have one or two in your chart. I have a couple of these myself. We all have our hang-ups and issues, and we learn to work on them through our relationships. This is not an exhaustive list, and some of these are worse than others. But still, here are a list of aspects and planetary placements and the worst manifestations that could mean someone is not a good catch.

I have rarely seen these aspects actually manifest into the worst possible scenarios, but just for fun, here they are:. Mars conjunct, opposite, or square the Sun. Everything is a competition, and to them, everyone is a competitor, even their spouses and children. It is their way or the highway, and they are impatient.

It takes a long time for them to cultivate patience. They are aggressive and sometimes seethe with it like a guard dog. This is especially true if Mars and the Sun are in the cardinal signs or Scorpio. They have a tendency to perceive an attack where there is none, and can be especially protective of their partner when there is no need for it. Better warn Grandpa not to hug you in front of this one.

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Actually, they would make a much better guard dog than a romantic partner. There is a reason why everyone tells you to put that one on a leash. Mars conjunct, opposite, or square Moon. Temper, temper! They will wish you away into the cornfield. These people have difficulty controlling their emotions and taking responsibility for them. They may be emotionally immature and have problems with women, and they especially have problems with strong and confident women. They have difficulty nurturing others and lose their patience with children and those who depend on them.

This is the kind of person who flushes their goldfish down the toilet because they hate cleaning the tank and the goldfish is grateful for it. Mars conjunct, opposite, or square Uranus. This person can suddenly turn hostile without warning. May be brilliant but cold, to the point where they are calculating and sadistic with their words, especially their humor. This is the kind of person who is at one moment laughing with the crowd then suddenly having an angry meltdown and storming off, leaving others to wonder what was said that bothered them.

Hint: there is a reason why this person has no friends.

The Rebirth

Mars conjunct, opposite, or square Pluto. Ruthless and power-hungry. Love is a game of Monopoly, and this is the person who gets Park Place and Boardwalk and puts up hotels within minutes. He is tireless. Pluto in the 7th house can mean that someone always needs the upper hand in a relationship or is absolutely committed to being dominated.

They seek out and want to maintain a permanently unequal partnership. This person could also fear being dominated so much that they tend to be suspicious and untrusting of their partners. Get used to being snooped on and interrogated. They can figure out your passwords by watching you type from the other side of the room. They googled you extensively when you started dating, and they probably called an astrologer at 3 a. Saturn in the 7th House. Unlucky in love and tends to go about getting love like a person dying of hunger in a post-apocalyptic world. They think everyone is starving too, so they take whatever crumbs they find and hold onto them as long as they can because they think there is no more.

They take the first thing that comes along and do whatever it takes to keep that person short of true intimacy. Uranus in the 7th House. Unpredictable heart. This person runs hot and cold, runs to you and away from you. Then, they want someone else. And they may want you and that someone else to have a threesome. And then you elope, and they disappear again and you find out that they have another spouse in another state. Moon in the 12th House. This person hides their feelings and tends to be indirect and needy. They want you to cure them of their emotional problems, though they would prefer to be the long-suffering matyr.

Moon conjunct, opposite, or square Saturn. Mom will drive a wedge. She is an expert at it. She will get in the way of intimacy with your partner, the classic dreaded mother-in-law who hates you and everything about you. You will not be condoned. She will always let you know that you are 2nd place. You could be Prince Charming and she could be a troll living under a bridge who eats children, but you will never be good enough for his little child-eating troll princess.

Moon conjunct, opposite, or square Pluto. You and me and your mother makes three!

Moon and Pluto conjunct in the synastry chart

If Pluto is involved, the mother will pretty much make sure you make an honest woman of her or him. She may actually be so supportive of the relationship that she is actually a third person in it, because she is in it because she is so enmeshed with her own child that you cannot have a relationship with the child that is separate from the mother.

If you two have an argument, expect a call from Mom. She will help you pick out the ring. She insists. Venus in the 12th House. This person either wants to date you on the down low because they tend to go for partners they know are wrong for them or they specifically go for partners who will piss off their parents. This is a hopeless romantic who erroneously thinks that true love must mean you-and-me-against-the-world.

Moon Square Pluto in Synastry Chart

Venus conjunct Neptune. Like Venus in the 12th house, but more delusional. This person has been planning their wedding and dream house since they were three. Will want to be together all the time and will post pictures of the two of you on Instagram daily. Probably keeps weird mementos like a cough drop you accidentally spit across the room when you had a chest cold. Actually, this person is more likely to be in love with the relationship than with their actual partner.

Summary: Saturn Synastry Aspect Builds Long Term Relationships

If you give this person access to your credit card, expect it to be maxed out by the end of the week. They think that Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen were a great couple, and they think that dying together is the most romantic thing in the world. Put a padlock on the medicine cabinet. Venus conjunct, opposite, or square Uranus. He loves me, he loves me not.

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You will spend more time trying to figure out if this person actually loves you or not than you will having a normal relationship. Or if they have a job or not or are planning to get one, or where the hell their money comes from. Monogamy is not their bag, and neither is vanilla sex. They are probably awesome at texting and bad at talking. They have strange friends who take up permanent residence in your living room. May take you to a key party, play dumb, and then disappear afterward, for three years.

Venus conjunct, opposite, or square Pluto. Think overly attached girlfriend. Think Pepe Le Pew.