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Governs: Transmitting information. Your intelligence resides within your Mercury sign, and it governs our ability to communicate, explain, and understand. This also explains why Mercury in retrograde means miscommunications and missed flights! Governs: Love and beauty. Oh, sweet Venus. Venus rules all the delightful, swoon-worthy, aesthetically pleasing things in life. Function: Will and courage. Function: Abundance and generosity.

This giant planet fuels all sorts of positive optimism in our lives, and is considered to be the planet of miracles, hope, and opportunity. Function: Discipline and commitment.

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Function: Individuality and change. Uranus is an outer planet and takes seven years to orbit the sun, which, as we mentioned earlier, means that there are large groups of people who share a Uranus sign.

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These folks all had Uranus in Aquarius, and radical change, questioning authority, and championing individuality are all astrological hallmarks of Uranus. Function: Intuition and healing. Neptune is here to help you step away from your ego and away from awareness, and exist in the in-between. Function: Transformation and power. Are you as astrology obsessed as we are? Somehow he flew through Halloween, and we're already talking Thanksgiving say what?! Not to worry!

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If the stars suddenly seem to be out of alignment, you don't need to consult a horoscope to find out what happened — there's a rumor going around that NASA changed the zodiac. But while some news outlets are saying that NASA found a 13th constellation that shifts the dates of the 12 other signs, the space agency offered a fact check: it didn't change any zodiac signs, it was just doing math on how the ancient Babylonians measured the sky. The article that shook the stars, which surfaced in The Washington Post , among many other places, was a blog post in January that resurfaced last week.

Cancer is overhead on August 4, not Leo, despite what you'd see in an astrology chart, which divides the sky up evenly. Data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reveal which airlines and airports have had the most delays from January to August, They also show which carriers and airports have done a great job getting you to your destination on time.